Thursday, February 26, 2015

garage rap # 13

The G in N'n'G is producer Grant Nelson, who's pretty much the hardcore continuum incarnate: started out making banging rave tunes at the start of the 90s under the name Wishdokta for Kickin' (also produced Xenophobia's "Rush In the House" - ardkore + rap - courtesy of one MC Scallywag), followed its logic through to happy hardcore and 2step. But in parallel with the early 90s ardkore Nelson was also already making garage tunes, long before "speed" got affixed at the front.

Under his own name, Nelson released  1998's slinky-yet-slamming "Step 2 Me" - best in this auto-remix by alter ego Bump 'n' Flex. But GN's entrance to the UKG Pantheon really comes with 1999's "Liferide", his collaboration with Norris Windross (the N in N'n'G).  It's a classic plinky xylo-bass groove over which Soul II Soul's  Rose Windross (sister of Norris) sprinkles her angel dust and MC don Creed spins out dizzyingly assonance-thick rhymes in his trademark clipped’n’prim style. 

Strange and marvelous how something so compressed and inhibited-sounding is so cool. But what's really notable about "Liferide" is that Creed is rapping proper verses - it's no longer about a few catchphrases. Although nothing could be less grimy than "Liferide" - all criss gloss and dainty swing - this is a step on the road to grime. 

Bonus bump - 

with MC niceness this time from Neat