Saturday, February 28, 2015

garage rap # 15

Seem to recall that Matthew Ingram, aka the Man Like Woebot, was a big fan of this tune - "Bounce" by Robloe & Kin featuring Nor-T Jack Fever. 

Indeed at one point, before grime had established itself as the Name, Matt proposed UK Bounce as potential genre tag. 

Although I think that was more to suggest the parallel between garage rap/grime-to-be and what was going on with Dirty South rap at the time (remember New Orleans bounce?). 

Like Laid Blak, another of those delightful one-shot oddities scattered by the nuum in its relentless ▻▻ motion (doesn't appear that Nor-T Jack Fever ever did anything else...)

"Bounce" placed at # 23 in the Blissblog Fave Singles of 2002. 

Here's what I said about it: 

ROBLOE & KIN featuring NOR-T JACK FEVER --“Bounce” (Locked On) 

In the gibbering-loon-on-the-mic tradition of Busta Rhymes,
Slarta John and ragga deejays too numerous to list,
the preposterously named Nor-T Jack Fever rides 
a limb-dislocating, wildly bucking robo-rodeo groove
somewhere at the intersection of garage, dancehall,
and Miami bass. Oddly the overall effect isn’t
comic but faintly disturbing. 

Here's the Break Dis mix - a bit breaksteppy, as you can imagine.