Thursday, February 05, 2015

garage rap #4

Never been sure how to credit "Fly Bi" - on one of my store-bought garage CD compilations it's listed as TSK. Most elsewhere it's Teebone featuring Sparks & Kie.

Now would you believe, backintheday your Man like Woebot opined on TWANBOC  that he didn't rate "Fly Bi". Thought the S the P the A the R the K the S etc spelling rhymes were cheesy or something.

Love it to the B the O the N the E, myself.  Simply adore the MC duo's combination of bouncy boisterousness and ungainly bulk  - like a pair of hefty bouncers having a bash at breakdancing.

Teebone brings the ruckus too.

Prefer the "Fly Bi" posted at the top, but this version - which sounds like it was plucked out of a DJ-mixed UKG compilation and affixed over the official promo video ("Gabriel" creeps into the mix near the end) - is good in its own way.