Tuesday, March 08, 2016

Bass Bits - Jungle Postscript

In response to my appeal for the droppin' of  (bass-)science, Droid steps in with a low-end lowdown:

"The 808 kick is the cornerstone of jungle bass, or jungle sub anyway. Detuned sine waves with a square wave another standard. Everything filtered and manipulated on the Akai/Emu. You would also find some people sampling bass notes or basslines. Quite unusual for anyone to use synths except for the obvious ones like Dead Dred, Arsonist. Pretty much everything was sampled - even the Reese bass which was fairly easy to make yourself if you had the gear. 

"I was waiting on the 'the bass came from hip hop' argument from Matt, and whilst its true that this is the source for the bass sound. The sensibility, how it was utilised, was very much a reggae thing. Bass was rarely melody in hip hop.

"AFAIK, the only other genre to use sub as a major element was Miami Bass and at the margins of electro."

Droid also nominates one tune out "too many" that's especially bass-dear to him: Foul Play "Being With You".

Pleasing me because I'd so wanted to include them....

He didn't specify which version, so I'm going to say this is his nomination

And this is mine: