Tuesday, August 07, 2007

give the drummer some

enjoyed last week's Stylus piece on the 50 greatest drummers in rock, nice to see Jaki Liebezeit and Klaus Dinger get props and Steve Morris place so highly (#5, and new order, lovely stuff, but something of a tragedy he put the drum kit in storage and started manning the drum machine, eh?). A few surprising inclusions (Bill Berry? Larry Mullen Jnr? both serviceable enough sticksmen but... and Topper Headon? Really?). And some shocking ommissions. Budgie deserves to be in there for his playing on The Slits' Cut let alone all the Banshees prime period albums. Equally aghast at the non-inclusion of Minutemen's George Hurley. While we're on the postpunk tip, somewhat surprised by the failure to place of PiL-head Martin Atkins (who no less an authority than Steve Albini recently described as one of THE great rock drummers), Bruce Smith, Palmolive (unorthodox, I grant you..), Scritti's Tom Morley (Mark E. Smith said they had the best rhythm section in the country at that point--and why no mention of Karl Burns, come to think of it), K.Joke's Paul Ferguson.... Elsewhere, Robert Wyatt was fairly handy with the sticks, right? And I always thought David Narcizo from Throwing Muses was a really interesting, different-sounding drummer, with this military, circular, "Four Sticks"-like motion in his playing. I thought of a whole bunch more the other day, mopping up (see below), but mind is blanking right now. Well, the topic is inexhaustible, clearly--just look at the 102 comments the article has spawned, which I haven't dared read yet.

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