Saturday, August 11, 2007

"malice can't repeat the blisschaos of early rufige"

8 words from one Exoticpylon!

(and s/he's right you know)

that's from a Dissensus thread on that well-chewed topic, "what went wrong with d&b?"

lot of familiar points made as you can imagine but some less-familiar ones too

in particular on this page Gabba Flamenco Crossover chips in with an interesting tech-head's perspective

worth wading through the whole thing also for the bizarre bit on how Doc Scott made some sort of public apology/recantation recently vis-a-vis the music he was deejaying for a couple of years in the early Noughties-- then some close friend/consigliere types had a word in his shell-like, called him on it, and he came to his senses! I wonder what he was spinning that he's now so ashamed of(post-bad company/optical linear blare crowd-pander?) and also intrigued what he's playing now that he feels has more integrity

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