Wednesday, August 08, 2007

give the drummer(s) smore

that guy in Cheap Trick, Bun E. Carlos, just for the image (fat slob with perpetual cig hanging off his lip) and his playing on "Dream Police"

whoever played drums on all those Gary Glitter records (Mike Leander himself?)

more postpunkers: ACR's Donald Johnson; Phill Calvert in the Birthday Party...

today: Panda Bear/Noah Lennox is a very expressive drummer, and the guy in Gang Gang Dance (Tim Dewit?) is interestingly odd

it's supposed to be rock, the Stylus list, but then fusion and funk guys creep in here and there -- so why none of the great reggae drummers?

finally, most heinous ommission: the very great Mick Fleetwood. With John McVie, one of rock's superb yet most undersung rhythm sections, such supple power. The band is not named Fleetwood Mac for nothing. The tight rightness of "Dreams", yielding yet strong, the hardest of soft rock. The way the drums on "Sara" seem to billow in the mix, veil upon veil. Those faces he pulls, the fanatical ostentation of his excitement and delight, the thrill he feels to be playing in this band. And not least the fact that he more than anyone has held the band together through it all, just through his sheer need for Fleetwood Mac to remain in existence.

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