Monday, February 22, 2010

Always thought it was a conceptual wrinkle in the Ghost Box project that they put out their music as compact discs (and in the early days, as CD-Rs) rather than as vinyl or cassettes. So it's lovely to behold the label's very first vinyl release *, an enhanced and expanded edition of The Advisory Circle's maxi-EP Mind How You Go from several years ago. Superb then and even better enlarged and in warm'n'vivid analogue sound, Mind How You Go (Revised Edition) is the first in the occasional series Ghost Box Vinyl Editions: reissues of back catalogue records with new tracks or unreleased material or versions of original tracks by guest artists.

* Broadcast & The Focus Group investigate Witch Cults of the Radio Age ** came out on vinyl, true, but that doesn't count as it was on Warp (even though audio-visually the whole thing virtually was a Ghost Box release).

** Meant to mention this at the time, but: Witch Cults of the Radio Age as The Wire's Number One Album of 2009--cool huh? Another supersized serving of dung for the naysayers to masticate. Five years on, this particular Geist is proving to have more staying power, and appeal, than some fondly foresaw.