Monday, February 22, 2010

piece on the resurgence of female MCs in funky by a young man who habitually refers to it as the "cuntinuum"

and yet the piece's crux is pure received wisdom, virtually doctrinal nuumology *

"it is no real surprise that female MCs returned to prominence on the British urban scene last year, just as harsher, male-coded grime beats were supplanted by UK funky rhythms in the clubs. Funky – already widely credited for returning girls to urban raves en masse – has been particularly conducive to the return of Jamaican toasting, given its own close rhythmic ties to soca and dancehall… Funky also bears similarities to turn-of-the-century UK garage – which may be why some familiar names have resurfaced, such as Stush and Ms Dynamite"

that's what we call "feminine pressure" round these parts

i'm not sure what the right term is for someone who denounces a theory that they've been mentally colonised by.... Not hypocrisy, exactly, because it's clearly unwitting... False consciousness? Bad faith?

reminds me a bit of Tea Party types in America railing against healthcare reform as socialism in one breath and protesting "keep government out of Medicare" in the next.

"keep the cuntinuum out of funky!"

* The bit where Lady Leshurr explained her hyperspeed delivery--"I got the fast flow from starting on drum'n'bass – I didn't even think I was going fast, I just needed to match the beat"--also struck me as quite nuum-y. I mean who'd have ever thought jungle could still, in 2010, be influencing things going on now, eh?