Monday, February 22, 2010

the other Die Antwort

even whiter than the first one!

actually this lot would have been the first one, that's from 2007 i think. they must be pissed off!

the white playa thing doesn't really work does it, they just look like nouveau riche twatz flashing the cash in yer face

someone asked me about this actually, and i couldn't think of any white playa/baller MCs (does Pitbull count? he's Cuban right), your Caucasians usually go for other rap archetypes/personae

(that reminds me, job de wit gave me a bunch of links to white Dutch / Euro rappers, i should post 'em up here)

* the fuss on die antwoord with the extra 'o' and the 't' instead of 'd' died down real quick didnit - that's the trouble with interweb i spose, ephemerality. i listened to the album again last night though and it really is phenomenal, faux or not