Monday, November 01, 2010

bettye swann-abe

checking something on Duffy (i had my reasons) i came across this
from a while ago, talking about her favourite songs:

When I discovered sex: Cover Me, Bettye Swann (1968)

"Bettye Swann is one of my biggest inspirations, but this song has particular importance for me because it marks the time I got interested in physical contact. I was 19, and here was a woman singing "Cover me, spread your precious love all over me". It's very tender, but it's also, hilariously, quite crude, so I'd make my friends listen to it and we'd all giggle."

Am I misunderstanding Duffy here or is she saying...?

Listen to the song though

and "spread your precious love", erm, well, that's more like love as a blanket or a comforter, right... a bedspread... than... Mariah Carey "Honey"-ish "innuendo" right

still what do i know, until recently i was under the impression ZZ Top's "Pearl Necklace" was about jewelry

also: "the time I got interested in physical contact. I was 19" -- really? Nineteen is kinda on the late side.

That Duffy / Amy Winehouse / Adele moment was like a re-revival, like that 1986-87 Levi 501s Advert moment of soul reissues and soul rehashes all over again.

Stubbs and I could have republished "All Souled Out", just changed the names and it'd have been as applicable as ever.

"Mercy" - come off it, love! It's the 21st Century.

Still I see Mark Ronson's moved on to ransacking The Eighties now.