Friday, November 05, 2010

it doesn't get much better than this

nice thoughts from Woebot (i can't get used to calling him Cybore) on Sabbath and the essential-ness of Ozzy's piteous vocals amid the pitiless riffage

and hey in weird synchrony, Ozzy's genome has been isolated!

Sabbath = the great deaf-spot (auditory and ideological) of the Last Waltz/Stranded generation of rockwrite

Every generation of rockwrite has one, and has to have one. It's the essential by-product of having a value-system, a metrics of valorization.

So what was ours? (I'll leave the "us" of "ours" open-ended for now).

Thought: the vitiation of contemporary music-write = its attempt not to have any deaf-spots ... none at all, not one.