Wednesday, November 24, 2010

it gets a lot better than this

but while we're doing doing Pop Birds of Great Britain (Late Seventies)

i would have (internally) scorned this at the time (being a Slits/Delta 5 fan) but also had a secret soft spot for this pretty AOR ballad, despite the cheesy "i'll show you a sunset/if you stay with me till dawn" chorus and the overall tone of abject romantic submissiveness. (But... we've all been there, right?)

notable features: that odd progressive-ish cello interlude in the middle

also the way the drummer, when he finally comes in, really tries to give it some welly, or at least indicate the capacity to give it some welly, while hopelessly restrained by the ballad form

"Stay With Me Til Dawn" was sampled by Ultramarine for "Honey" on Every Man and Woman Is A Star, gorgeously so, using the "need you tonight" bit -- but when the remastered version came out on Darla back in 2002 it sounded like they'd removed the sample and got some female singer to re-voice it as closely as possible to Tzuke's original

what else can we say of Judie Tzuke?

the name is Polish

she has a cute overbite

and a daughter named Tallula Muggleton-Tzuke

and blimey she certainly did persevere in defiance of one-hit-wonderdom... has done sixteen albums and is still going... recently capped thirty years in the biz with a celebratory double-album titled Moon On a Mirrorball featuring over thirty songs from her back catalogue, rerecorded...