Thursday, November 18, 2010

i can feel a class action suit a-brewing...

UK Music Journos versus Books LLC

Jon Dale pointed out




and Andrew Necci directed me to this expose by John Scalzi

Did I just write "UK Music Journos versus Books LLC"?

It's more like All Writers Everywhere Ever versus Books LLC


you know what, it's coming back to me now... there was this bloke... emailed me, a couple of years back... asked "can my publishing company reprint some of your pieces?"... I responded reasonably courteously ... said "well you know I'm with Faber, we just did a collection, Bring the Noise, probably not a good idea to flood the market old bean". Bloke was persistent, though. Came back with "anything you can spare, old live reviews, anything". At this point I got suspicious, checked out the publisher, whose name escapes. And it looked well fishy. Some of the comments from punters were mighty pissed off, "i paid 18 quid for this art book, wasn't expecting a stapled collation of black-and-white photocopies", that kind of thing.

i wonder, is this the same perp? M.O. looks to be similar.