Monday, January 19, 2009

ARDCHIVE FEVER (and ya don't stop)

Check this out:

ArtCore--an exhibition of the visual culture of acid house and rave, a collaboration between Mary McCarthy of Dreweatts Auction House and Ernesto Leal from Our Cultural History. Location: Selfridge's Ultralounge from February 13th. Featured material includes flyers for clubs and raves (The End, QueerNation, Hacienda, Spectrum, Beyond Therapy, Raindance, Tribal Gathering, Circus, Warp, Trade, DIY, Back To Basics, Sign Of The Times etc etc) and original works by such as Goldie, Trevor Jackson, Darren Bartlett, Pez, Ollie Timmins, etc.

followed by an auction of the artwork

ooo gosh

(big shout going out to Matos, another tasty tip off)

i wonder if they'll have this beauty on sale?

or this one?