Thursday, January 08, 2009

well fancy that!

(tip off courtesy andrew beddow)

i must say i've been struck by the persistence of the ghost-meme in music--last year we had Cut Copy's In Ghost Colours (lovely title) and Nomo's Ghost Rock (good record, not quite enough to make my 8 X 3 though), and every week I seem to stumble upon some new incidence of it in band-name or album/track-title. (Although there's a rival creeping up fast: Crystal. What's with that, eh?)

also quietly pleased by the persistence of the first-wave H-ologists too... Mordant Music dropping a stream of cool download-only tunes in their Travelogues series and tasty vinyl 10 inch with Shackleton entitled "El Din (Part One) / Olde Wobbly" ... 10 inch '"The Hauntological Song" (no really!) in a month or so and a proper full length soon come promised to bid goodbye to all tHat... Moon Wiring Club: steady progress on collaboration with The Advisory Circle.... Ariel Pink (not really to be filed under 'H' but anyway) with a new "clean" sound, initial exposure to early examples thereof suggesting it's gonna really splendid, this album, when it drops in the autumn.. one track's like the long lost orphan child of Tusk or something...


Seeland, a sort of proto-hauntological supergroup if you will! The duo of Tim Felton (ex-Broadcast) and Billy Brainbridge (ex-Plone), with their debut Tomorrow Today. Nice, bit too song-y maybe...

and ooh,look what arrives in the mail today:

a new Belbury Poly album
(I'm listening to it now... the first few tracks of which are like Michael Hoenig meets Erich Von Daneiken... looking foward to getting to the track entitled "Widdershins" I must say... and there appears to be some kind of running theme to do with miniature landscapes and modelling... the missing link between Michael Bentine and Three Stigmata of Palmer Eldritch?)

news of a spring EP on Ghostbox from former Broadcast keyboard player Roj
info about a download-only label primer, Ritual and Education

which you can get here

Oh and something else arrived in the mailbox today, debut offerings, definitely on the outskirts of the H-word, from a member of this community who's very secretively made the move into music-making, more later, but early listens suggest it's rather good....