Tuesday, January 27, 2009

a piece on the New Austerity


A Frenchman gives the British a good telling off for living on credit and caring only about money and general loss of values

"This drift to the centre, combined with the weakness of the extremes, has anaesthetised British politics. So the British don't vote very much. They don't object very much. They don't dream very much.... You no longer imagine, it seems to me, that there might actually be such a thing as a 'choice of society'. Along with New Labour, the very idea of anything resembling an ideology vanished. In France, on the other hand, politics still condition the life of the individual. Rightly or wrongly, my fellow countrymen still want to believe that a choice of society really remains possible"

(Although in the comments section there are some good pot-kettle comebacks, e.g. he goes on about the UK's unresolved issues with multiculturalism but hang on monsieur, what about the blazing banlieues eh? Le Pen? Eh? Eh?!)

(( Plus our music, even now, is better.))