Saturday, January 03, 2009

Mystery tune at start of "Donk" identified: Chris Owen tells me it's "Candy Floss" by BBP. Which stands for Bad Boy Productions. Who turn out to be--this figures--Anthony Sabanskis, the brains behind The Blackout Crew. As in "hey that's good that, Tony", as in the dapper little chap twiddling the knobs and doing the cute little hand-slide move when the tekkno stab lets rip. BBP is a whole sideline operation
for Tone, churning out comedy-trance choonz like "Oh When"
("oh when can we go buy private plane?/oh reach the top and then go slightly insane?/oh when can we get Number One in Ukraine?/the when will never end") and the saucy "Spank Me". But "Candy Floss" is the gem, truly a gorgeous slice of daftness, with the android vocal and lyrics about sweets (very Quality Street/"Sesame's Treet") and lots of nice little production touches.