Tuesday, March 03, 2015

garage rap # 19

Master Stepz's "Melody" is borderline in this context. Barely counts as "garage rap" - it's 2step, with a MC lick, courtesy of one Splash.

But who cares? Another love-it-to-the-bone tune from a time of overflowing bounty

Flipside is nice too - draped with a nuum-beloved diva vocal (source unknown to me) that's been used on earlier hardcore and jungle tracks a few times, and here makes for a nice constrast of sweet gooey warmth against those trademark Master Stepz dry grid-like beats.

I checked out this  one just for the title - "Bubblette", love it to the boooooooone, the MARROW - and guess, what, it features an uncredited lady MC! Proper garage rap, and a tuff little unit, production-wise, to boot. A right little lost gem and no mistake, one whose existence I'd never known until a minute ago.

Ah, and here's another nifty Master Stepz tune, featuring Richie Dan whose singjay tones we will be encountering again shortly.

Master Stepz's Ian Thompson also made a track with one MC Kreation, called "New Kreation", but nobody has seen fit to deposit that one on YouTube.

So he was something of a garage rap auteur, Mr Stepz -  a mini-vortex of mic talent.

Bonus clip - Master Stepz clashing Heartless Crew