Thursday, March 05, 2015

garage rap # 23

Rounding up the G-rap stragglers....

Dem Lott, "Dem Lott's Here Now"  -  edge-of-ludicrous portentousness of the vocals here recall dancehall's comedic bombastitude

Known variously as Purple Haze, Purple Haze Crew, and Purple Haze Kru -  this lott have just one major label release to their name ("Messy") and one not-on-label. Like Dem Lott, pungent dancehall flavours here (best bit is the girl chorus "dem man dem are rooooooood" ).  "Messy" as transvaluated praise-word must be inverse of "criss". 

Young Offendaz featuring MC CKP "Flava" - Discogs just has this one release for the production duo  of Lee Fagan and Martin Nairn, here making a slick-but-tuff vehicle in the mold of Groove Chronicles's breaks-ier releases, for CKP to ride. One of the major UKG emcees,  CKP appears on several other tracks, though.

"Maxwell D you're sounding phat" - like CKP, Maxwell is name-checked on God's Gift's tribute to 32 MCs.   Member of Pay As U Go Kartel, key figure in transition from garage rap to grime... yet I can't summon other tunes by him to memory.