Thursday, March 05, 2015

garage rap # 24

Contradicting the MC focus of these posts, this one is organised around a central producer - the great Sticky.

Don't know a whole heap about Stush - the rest of her career seems to be more or less dancehall. Or maybe bashment is the right term - never quite got a fix on what that covered.

But then how would classify this?

But I've strayed from the Sticky....

Ms Dynamite ought to get a post of her own, but "Booo" is really the only one of hers that gives me even half-a-tingle. Her later career direction has a curious effect of reverse de-thrillification - as though the virtuousness of the albums (Mercury Prize, her transformation into a Lauryn Hill-style role model) seeps back through time to contaminate what objectively is still reasonably rude.

Okay this one was fire too. Not Sticky on production though....

Two Sticky tracks featuring Tubby T. The groove for "Ganjaman" is particularly sick, and - after a hiatus -  will reappear here coated with freestyle nastiness from a particularly acrid  gutter-garage crew.

Simon Sez listen to garage rap, obviously.

That is one comically inaccurate graphic. Especially love the fact that UK hip hop starts in 1980, before it's barely got going in America.

I missed the fact that Sticky also made the backing track from "Dem Lott's Ere Now" in the previous post....

This is by no means an exhaustive inventory of the productions of Sticky.

(I have left out Simon Sez's "Golly Gosh" because its just too ugly lyrically)