Friday, March 27, 2015


Well, I like to think we're all mates at The Wire.  As it happens, some actual real-world mates are in this volume of the magazine's long-running Epiphanies column, alongside sundry fellow Wire writers and a host of musicians, musickers, authors and theorists: Little Annie, Jerry Dammers, Geeta Dayal, Paul Gilroy, Michael Gira, Kenneth Goldsmith, Jonny Greenwood, David Grubbs, Adam Harper, Stewart Lee, Lydia Lunch, Momus, Ian Penman, Genesis Breyer P-Orridge, Nina Power, Sukhdev Sandhu, Robert Wyatt, and another thirty-plus contributors. Plus yours truly, with a column on Scritti Politti that was one of the pieces that propelled me on the path to Rip It Up. Great  cover too, eh?

Compiled by Wire Editor-in-Chief / Publisher Tony Herrington, Epiphanies: Life Changing Encounters With Music is out now on Strange Attractor.

More information here.