Wednesday, March 04, 2015

garage rap # 21

On the Babyshack Recordings label, this one - M-Dubs featuring Emperor Richie Dan, "Over Here" - is a real memory-rush tingler.  A minimal 2-step roller in the Dem 2/"Destiny" mold--crisp snare-kick groove, groove, simple synth-vamp, great organ licks and dub-wise flickers in back of the mix -  over which saunters a fabulous drawling 'n' nasal ragga-ish  vocal from the Emperor Richie Dan (he'd drop the "The Emperor" bit on later tunes). More singjay than MC, Dan plays a ladies-man languidly tendering his services - "if you wanna take a chance/I'm right over 'ere" -  while a female backing vocalist appears to be singing "Iron Mike" for some reason. 

M-Dubs other classic - "Bump 'N' Grind" - rampantly vocal-ed by dancehall queen Lady Saw.