Thursday, February 18, 2016

Bass Bits, Guest Post #1

Andrew Parker weighs in on the subject ....  emphasis on "weight" here!

Pink Floyd -"One of these Days"- Roger Waters presumably


Yeah, I was going to nominate that one - love the blues-as-clockwork feel

"Three-part bass roundelay"

Botch -"Afghamistam"

"Great opening basslines"
1/ Jane's Addiction -"Three Days" - Eric Avery presumably?

2/ Alice Cooper - so Dennis Dunaway

"Great bass solos" - 

 Motorhead / Lemmy Kilmister

"Four wonderfully wandering basslines"

Velvet Underground - "Foggy Notion"  - John Cale, or Sterling Morrison?

David Bowie - "Boys Keep Swinging" - so that's Tony Visconti and Dennis Davis

The Rolling Stones 

says Andrew, "on both tracks the bass is played by Keith Richards!"

but this one presumably is Bill Wyman

"Obnoxiously stretching the baseline to within a semitone of its life"  - so that's Stevie Wonder himself playing the bass, then, on "Superstition" and most everything else he recorded in that period

Andrew suggests this piece of further reading on the uterine origins of our bass-susceptibility