Friday, February 19, 2016

Bass Bits - Guest(s) Post #2

First, some blog action:

CardrossManiac2, feeling better evidently, weighs in with three deposits of bassage - one, two (a reactivated post on the great Tracy Pew of Birthday Party, which doesn't actually mention the one I was going to, but several other blinding bass beauts), and three

Phil Zone on West Coast bass drone - Flipper and Savage Republic

And Phil again, hilarious on Rick James. (Great call on "Coldblooded" - that whole album is fabulous, and forgotten)


Woebot nominates Thin White Rope's "Moonhead", played by Stephen Tesluk

"From Moonland -  an LP full of amazing upfront basslines. Gotta love 'em when they're high in the mix (finally a whole band working together) and high in the register (on tippy toes)."

Nice. My old boss Allan Jones was a big TWR fan - put them on Melody Maker's cover at least once.


Fernando Ramírez says "Caifanes, the best mexican rock band that has ever been ( I say so, many others too :P) Bassist was Sabo Romo, the song is miércoles de ceniza "ash wednesday", and I particulary like the bass driven finale. From the 1992 "El Silencio" album"

That's good that, innit. Never heard a note by these guys, shamed to say, but will rectify.


Owen Hatherley says "All answers other than this are incorrect"

Big up Bernard Edwards for all time. Bubbling away right now in Heaven's supergroup, with Jimi on rhythm guitar and Gregory Coleman on drums.


Sadmanbarty brings a bunch:

Lemon D - "Manhattan Melody"

Dub War

asks Sadmanbarty, "How low can you go…"

John Entwistle of The Who

context - 

Thunderfingers will be cropping up again, trust me

Stanley Clarke

says Sadmanbarty, "Very Howard Moon..."

There must be a lot of fusion and jazz-rock contenders. I have a few up my sleeve.