Monday, February 22, 2016

Bass Bits Guest(s) Post #5


Phil Zone on Defunkt and on his nomination for most Iconic Bassline of All Time

Bobby's Dream at Faces on Posters on Peter Hook 

William at ... And What will be Left of them on Bruce Foxton

Woebot with what I'm taking as an oblique contribution to bass - an epic 5 hour hardcore/jungle/d&b mix with rationale here  - well, every tune has got bass on it and nearly every tune owes something of its greatness to the bass, so why not?


Enda Connaughton suggests this slice of "synthesised bass heaven!" as played by Change's Davide Romani


 Jonathan Gharraie points to Mick Karn's "lovely bass strokes on this record" - Japan's Tin Drum - "the perfect nest for Sylvian's anguish"

Karn again, soon...