Saturday, February 20, 2016

Bass Bits, Guest Post #3


Carl at the Impostume/Neither here nor there with a tribute to the twin-bass grackle of  Cop Shoot Cop - a group I wrote about at the time and then shamefully forgot all about despite their having written Retromania's theme tune / anthem 20 years in advance

Phil Zone with a tribute to Free's Andy Fraser's delicate touch

Our God Is Speed with a substantial post on jazz bass that is positively educational and another that is more like a mind-nibble


John Bradley says 

"Anything by Dillinja"

"My neighbours love these through the wall"

You bastard, I was gonna pick Ed Rush  "Bludclot Artattack"!

"Twanging electric bass from 90’s Brixton party scene" - "Red Alert" by Basement Jaxx

"After Mr Cardrossmaniac’s  piece on Rowland Howard Avenue I reckoned there should at least be Tracey Pew’s Temple of Boom"  - Birthday Party – "Junkyard"

Trust me we'll be hearing more from Mr. Pew - from me, and other people's suggestions too

"Just undeniable"  - Tupac/Dre – "California Love" with help from Zapp and especially West Coast Poplockby Ronnie Hudson & The Street People (1982)

John also nominated Stranglers's "Nice 'N Sleazy" which I already did 

But he does get to have New Order "Lonesome Tonight" which he describes as "Son of Burnel + awkward nonsinger/nonlyricist = beautiful"

Peter Hook needs his own post