Sunday, February 28, 2016

Bass Bits Guest(s) Posts #9


Phil Zone on Level 42 and "a ubiquity that left no legacy"


Jon Dale: 

"Forgot about this monster. A long-time favourite. Good vocoder at the start too"

Gap Band! Lot of things could be mentioned as regards the Gap Band and bass.  As played by Robert Wilson, although synth-bass enters at a certain point I should have thought. Even while it's bass guitar it's so thickly textured, so legato-lubricious, so large as a presence in the sound, it feels like synth-bass.  

Slip 'n 'slide

Jon also points to a post-prime Simple Minds beauty, the B-side to "Don't You Fuggedabout Me", albeit not particularly for its bass element: 

CJ comes again:   

That's Michael "Busta Cherry" Jones on the bs there. 

My Life in the Bush of Ghosts is crawling, wriggling, with brilliantly strange bass, especially on side 2 where it is like pretzel bass, contortionist bass, Escher-bass. 

Like this one:

As well as Busta, Bill Laswell and Tim Wright play bass on a few tracks on the album, but on that one it appears to be either Byrne or Eno who handled the bass-gloop duties. 

Same here

and here

Another killa B o' G B-line  -  the effect is sort of yammering, or like a heart pounding,  like eyelids fluttering moth-mad, as the eyeballs start to roll back and the exorcisee starts shaking and going into convulsions

Do not understand the typical reviewer's verdict at the time - 1981 - which was that MLitBoG was "coldblooded" and"egghead" and "laboratory white-coat scientist" in vibe. To me it sounds ecstastic, fascinated in the original magical-hypnotic sense...  full of longing and awe....  You can hear B & E's neck hairs a-tingling almost...

The excised cut

Back to CJ's picks

The Banshees single I always forget about. Fluorescent sounding.

What a tune... When Ja ruled. 

About the latter, CJ notes the "pun on words" and producer "Metro Boomin with a quasi-Mentasm stab."