Thursday, February 25, 2016

Bass Bits, Guest(s) Post #7

Paul Myerscough was quick to point out the absence of Derek Forbes from the Postpunk Bass post

The subject of the curiously steep decline of Simple Minds came up - how the second half of the career managed to almost completely erase from collective memory the brilliance of the first part - and Paul suggested that:

"the transformation of the band after New Gold Dream happened musically partly in and through the relegation of Forbes within the group. An amazing decision, really. He stuck around for two more albums (one of them included 'Waterfront', but even though that was the first big hit of their stadium era and was startlingly bass-led, Forbes was essentially playing one note). I remember even at the time his complaining about what he was now being given to do; they'd taken the melody away from him."

From the Glorious First Career-Half, Paul nominated a whole bunch of jewels, which I've had to thin out a bit:

Empires and Dance:

Incredible, eh?

Sons and Fascinations/Sister Feelings Call:

New Gold Dream:

To Paul's selections I would add:

The first Minds single I bought, that

The second Minds single I bought - where the bass seems to whir and chatter...

Still prefer "Glittering" to "Promised" although the latter is fab too.


Keeping it post   - post-punk, post-rock - Jon Dale addresses the question of bands with two bassists, mentioning Ui and Tortoise.

Jon mentions this one as a Tortoise fave of his:

... while many would nominate the clinky and winding moodiness of this one

Jon also says:

"One of my favourite bass players would have to be Naomi Yang - very unique melodic approach to playing, though influenced by both Kendra Smith and Peter Hook... (Kendra's bass is great too, unassuming but unrelenting, esp on some of those Opal songs...)" and says that "one of my fave bass lines of all time would have to be Klaus Voorman on Yoko Ono's "Why" - as lifted by Stereolab for "Emperor Tomato Ketchup"..."


Kevin Quinn offers

Dave Allen in his Shriekback second life

She Wants Revenge - "Adam Bravin programmed no doubt, but ..."

Never 'eard of them...

Nazareth's Pete Agnew!

"Hypnotic, snake-charming bass x 3"

Buzzcocks - Steve Garvey

A fantastic choice, that one, I must say...

Queen - "The Invisible man" - John Deacon

But not "Another One Bites the Dust"?

Michael Nesmith  - "Cruising" - David MacKay 

Goodness me -  some of you lot are digging deep 'n' wide!


Ben Squires with "some (fairly random) suggestions":


23 Skidoo - Fritz Catlin - "I guess I could have picked 'Coup' but 'The Gospel Comes to New Guinea' is produced by The Cabs and has such a dark brooding vibe. Later Sketch from Lynx joined of course..."

Now if I was to nominate a Skidoo it would be this one - which actually has "Bass" in the title, along with the loathsome Unity Mitford nattering on about civilisational purity versus "senseless reiteration' of race-mixed rhythm:

Back to Ben's picks:

Revolting Cocks - Paul Barker -

"Early Revco (before the guitars took over) is a great, bass driven, groovy sound..."


King Crimson - John Wetton -

"Wetton's playing on 'Red' is pretty decent but the last 90 seconds of 'Starless' has such a great distorted tone it seems amazing that what seems like not long after he was fronting Asia"

Magma - Janick Top -

"This track was written by Top and is a pretty funky groove. I know nothing about Magma's music really but am fairly convinced they and King Crimson were a fairly big influence on the Japanese Prog/Punk bands like YBO2, Ruins and Zena Geva."


The Jesus Lizard - David Wm Sims

"David Sims of Rape Man, Scratch Acid and The Jesus Lizard has always been a favourite. Great tone..."

"And a great intro:"

Fugazi - Joe Lally -

"Musicman bass and post-Ruts groove..."


Bauhaus David J - - "Their albums might not have always been very consistent but their top moments are pretty great. There are plenty to choose from but this might be the bass winner..."

On the subject of bands with two bassists, Ben mentions  an Impostume-favorite:

Cop Shoot Cop - Tod A./Jack Natz -

"There lo-end/hi-end bass seemed to be reflection of the daily grind."

On the subject of bands with four bassists:

Evil Blizzard - ???? -  "Not sure if you can really tell though..."


Crowleyhead, via Twitter, with  some Jaco-love - not the first we've seen, and not the last either

the first of